This is Oddfish


We are opening up again!!!

On Wednesday, May 20th we will be open for limited seating dining.  

For the current period of time, we are open five days a week – Tuesday thru Saturday.  Closed Sunday and Monday.

The government has issued a number of guidelines in regards to spacing, service protocols, sanitising, etc.  We have used these as a template and we have then built upon them to ensure you the cleanest and safest experience when you come to dine with us.  

As always, we will accept reservations and walk-ins as we observe the spacing and safety guidelines.  

We are really looking forward to seeing you again.  Please be patient with us for some things will need to change but be assured that everything that we do is so that we do this right so that we can keep bringing you a great experience.


Fish and Veg with a fun and energetic vibe brought to you by the folks who brought you Nook and Tavola.

Our menu changes daily but the one presented below should give you a pretty good idea of what we do on a daily basis.

We are presently accepting a limited number of reservations.  You can email us at Oddfish Resos or use the Open Table link below.


Our menu changes frequently  – according to what the sea and our farmers bring us. Half of the menu is written on chalkboards that change daily.  The menu shown below is indicative of what you will find here.

Shucked | on ice with mignonette & lemon       3.75each/39dozen
Grilled  | lemon butter | parsley                   8
Fried  |  tartar sauce                                         15

Bites with some Zing       20
Leche De Tigre  | halibut | sweet potato | avocado | quico
Tomato Ceviche  
| salmon | avocado | celery | cucumber
Aquachili Verde
| prawns | onion | cilantro | lime
Hamachi white
 | serano | lime

This ‘n That                                                                         
Sourdough | seaweed butter                                                             8
Olives                                                                                                             8
Butter Lettuce Salad  |  cherry tomato | egg | radish |           15
Beets | avocado | pistachio | sheep’s feta                                   18
Burrata | daily veg                                                                                   22
Albacore Tuna Tostadas | avocado | pickled chili                    20
Damn Good Hand Cut Fries                                                               10

Shells in a Bowl
Mussels or Clams…                                                                                 20
cherry tomato | capers | basil
lemongrass | ginger | coconut
white wine | garlic | chilies | parsley

Spaghetti Vongole | clams | wine | garlic                                             30
Handmade Tagliatelle | asparagus | peas | creme franche         30
Lumacone Prawns Diavolo | prawns | tomato | chili                      35

Plancha Seared Pea Shoots | ginger | garlic                                      15
Roasted Broccoli | lemon chili | garlic | parmesan                          15
Grilled Asparagus | bottarga | lemon                                                    15

Daily Fish
Let’s see what the sea brings us…